MADISON, WI – Today, Legislative Republicans immediately gaveled out of a special session called by Governor Tony Evers’ to consider a constitutional amendment that would allow Wisconsin voters to introduce binding referenda on state ballots. This is the eleventh special session, out of twelve called by the governor, that has been gaveled out by Republican leadership without debate in the Legislature.

Representative Samba Baldeh (D – 48) released the following statement following the session: 

“A majority of Wisconsinites believe that abortion should be legal in all or most cases. However, my GOP colleagues have shown no interest in representing the will of the people on this or countless other critical issues in our state. With their legislative majority protected by a partisan gerrymander, it appears that Republican leaders are not interested in what the majority of Wisconsinites want.”

“It’s time for GOP obstructionism to end. By allowing Wisconsinites to propose state laws or constitutional amendments through the ballot referendum process, we can ensure that the people have a voice in the issues that matter to them most. If Republican leaders in the legislature are not willing to be responsive to the majority of the voters, the voters deserve an opportunity to hold those elected officials accountable.”

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