Madison – Following Governor Evers’ veto of 43 bills, State Representative Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam) released the following statement:

“Governor Evers’ vetoes show his lack of leadership on the most important issues facing our state like public safety and workforce challenges. These are key challenges that I hear about from my constituents and it is disappointing Governor Evers continues to ignore the voices of Wisconsin residents.

“What’s most disconcerting is his rejection of additional support for our law enforcement agencies. He denied additional funding to give raises to our correctional officers and more financial resources for our police and sheriff’s departments, while blocking our ability to hold criminals accountable. Instead of signing common-sense legislation to strengthen communities and promote public safety, Governor Evers doubled down on his far-left policies of enabling criminals and not standing with our law enforcement.

“Meanwhile, as Wisconsinites are paying thousands more each year because of inflation, Republicans in the legislature passed several bills aimed at easing supply chain issues and worker shortages in key industries. But Governor Evers vetoed these bills that would have increased the number of truck drivers in our state and re-implemented the talent attraction initiative that brings new workers into Wisconsin.

“Instead of listening to Wisconsin residents and working to tackle the biggest challenges facing our state, Governor Evers continues his go-it-alone approach, rejecting common-sense policies that would make our state safer and more prosperous.”

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