Madison, WI – State Representative Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam) voted in favor of several bills today that will empower parents to have more choices for their children’s education. The Assembly took up legislation to expand private school and charter school options, improve literacy, and create more transparency in outcomes at K12 schools.

“Parents – not government bureaucrats and educational institutions – should be empowered to make decisions for their children’s education,” Rep. Born said. “Legislation that we passed today reinforces these fundamental parental rights, while giving parents more alternatives to pick the best setting for kids’ schooling.”

The Assembly passed Assembly Bills 962 and 971, which aim to improve literacy in the state by studying how reading is taught and making recommendations for improvement, and ensuring students are proficient at reading when they enter fourth grade. These bills come at a time when less than 30% of Wisconsin students are proficient at reading, according to the most recent state report cards.

Additionally, Assembly Bill 965 would require more transparency by the Department of Public Instruction in making changes to the school district report cards by requiring legislative and public input on any changes to the metrics.

“The past few years have demonstrated the importance of giving parents options when it comes to their children’s education,” Rep Born added. “The bills we passed today increases those options so that parents have access to the learning environments that works best for their children.”

The State Assembly also took up legislation that streamlines the process for high performing charter schools to open new schools to reach more children and allows reciprocity between existing school choice programs. Other legislation passed by the Assembly would create parity between public and private schools to allow children performing above grade level to receive appropriate instruction, regardless of whether they attend private or public school.

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