Madison, WI – State Representative Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam) voted in favor of a dozen bills today that seek to strengthen elections in Wisconsin. The bills cover a range of topics, including ensuring only eligible voters are voting; increasing oversight of elections and giving Wisconsin citizens more control over the future of elections in our state through referendum measures.

“At the beginning of the 2021-23 legislative session, Republicans reaffirmed our commitment to ensuring election integrity,” Rep. Born said. “For years, improving election security has been a key priority for me and my Republican colleagues in the Legislature. Today, we acted, once again, on this priority with the passage of numerous election reform bills.”

The Legislature took up two resolutions that would offer amendments to the Wisconsin Constitution relating to election integrity. One amendment would incorporate in the Wisconsin Constitution the requirement that individuals have a photo ID to vote. Another amendment would prohibit the use of private funds in the administration of elections. In order for either provision to become part of the state’s Constitution, the provision would need to pass in the Wisconsin Legislature in the next biennial session and then be approved by voters in a referendum.

“Every election, we learn of new ways to improve the integrity and security of our voting,” said Rep. Born. “For many sessions, Republicans in the Legislature have passed bills aimed at preserving our democracy, by making sure our elections are fair and transparent.”

Other measures taken up by the Legislature today include improving election and voter roll data and transparency; reducing wait times on Election Day; increasing clerk training; protecting vulnerable adults’ ability to vote for their candidate of choice; creating procedures for the Wisconsin Elections Commission to review complaints; increasing legislative oversight of elections and ensuring only eligible voters are able to cast votes in Wisconsin elections.

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