Madison – State Representative Janel Brandtjen (R- Menomonee Falls) issued the following statement regarding the November 2020 election:

“Last Thursday, a group that has spent an enormous amount of time and money looking into the November election, called “True the Vote,” gave a presentation before the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections. They presented evidence using cell phone GPS data, showing that 138 people visited illegal drop boxes 3,568 times in the days and weeks before the November election. The group is also involved in the ongoing court case against the use of drop boxes that Waukesha County Judge Michael Bohren recently ruled on. It is estimated that over 137,000 ballots were illegally harvested in this fashion.

The newly uncovered drop box numbers are in addition to:

  • The 17,251 ballots that were harvested in the City of Madison during the “democracy in the park” event (Biden received 84.1% in the city).
  • The over 48,000 new voters who voted without ever having to show an ID due to the illegal advice from the Dane and Milwaukee clerks regarding “indefinitely confined” voting.
  • The 8,000 votes manufactured with the Zuckerberg bribe money (according to the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty).
  • The countless victims of WEC’s illegal guidance that eliminated protections for vulnerable seniors.

In an election that separated the winner and loser by under 21,000 votes, one thing is perfectly clear: this was not the most “fair and honest” election in history. It was wrought with illegal guidance, unfair and imbalanced practices, and illegal collusion between hyper-partisan interest groups and elected officials – all designed to give the democratic candidate an edge. It is the job of the legislature and the courts to remedy this injustice.”

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