Madison – State Representative Janel Brandtjen (R- Menomonee Falls) issued the following statement regarding even more Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) flaws, discovered by two patriot groups:

“Yesterday, two groups pointed out the ridiculous voting failures in Wisconsin that Speaker Robin Vos continues to ignore. First, the Thomas More Society exposed that WEC did not remove electors whose voting rights have been revoked by the courts due to memory or mental health deterioration, from the voter list. The Thomas More Society revealed that upwards of 25,000 adjudicated voters remain eligible to receive ballots, knowing that these folks can be easily persuaded into voting for specific candidates. WEC is literally condoning elder abuse.

Secondly, the patriot group Honest, Open & Transparent Government (H.O.T. Government) successfully requested absentee ballots for Speaker Robin Vos and Racine Mayor Cory Mason to point out how easy it is to illegally obtain a ballot. With nothing but a name and birthdate, the ballots could be sent anywhere. H.O.T. Government immediately turned themselves into the Racine County Sheriff’s Department. WEC has created an unsecure, online system of ballot distribution that must now be shut down.

Speaker Robin Vos has had so many opportunities to work with Justice Gableman and myself to force WEC to function properly, but time after time, Vos has neglected his oversight duties. His silence on the long string of abuses committed by WEC has empowered them to ignore data requests and even file lawsuits to stop the legislature from looking into the election. WEC continues to violate Wisconsin law, while Vos claims he is helpless to an agency he created. This disaster of an agency lands squarely on the feet of Robin Vos, whose inaction now puts our elections in jeopardy. God save Wisconsin.”

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