Madison – State Representative Janel Brandtjen (R- Menomonee Falls) issued the following statement regarding Russell Goodwin, who after losing his Milwaukee County Supervisor seat in last Tuesday’s election, called for a protest at the home of Deanna Alexander, who appears to be the unofficial winner.

“The Democrat Party has the audacity to lecture the rest of us on decorum and decency while they engage in the worst kind of uncivilized behavior. To engage in this kind of threatening behavior and to attempt to intimidate a mother of four and her family because she had the nerve to run for office and win, is simply beyond any form of decency. Where is Senator Chris Larson? Where is State Representative Jonathan Brostoff? Where is the Journal Sentinel’s ‘reporter’ Patrick Marley? Are they ok with this type of behavior? Should women be afraid to run for office in Milwaukee? Russell Goodwin should be ashamed of himself, and those who are silent should be ashamed as well.”

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