Madison – State Representative Janel Brandtjen, current Chair of the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, responds to Speaker Vos removing her from the Campaigns and Elections committee beginning January 3:

“It certainly is no surprise to anyone that Robin Vos did not re-appoint me as chair of the Campaigns and Elections Committee. Vos is not only known for his vindictive nature, but he also seems to have a vested interest in sweeping election concerns under the rug. As my replacement, he chose someone who has never been a member of the Elections Committee and has not been active in drafting election-related legislation. Vos has not supported any of my efforts in holding people accountable who have clearly violated the law, and he has turned his back on his own choice for Special Counsel – Justice Gableman, after spending a million dollars of taxpayer money. It is evident that taxpayer money was spent to provide cover for Robin Vos.

In the end, Vos and his so-called leadership team can take away my committee assignments and my staff, but they cannot silence my voice; the voice that my constituents and all Wisconsinites deserve when it comes to fair and accurate elections. I will continue to fight. Forward!”

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