Madison – State Representative Janel Brandtjen responds to the Assembly GOP’s letter removing her from caucus.

“A short, three-sentence letter from Republican Caucus Chair Rep Summerfield was delivered to my office, stating that due to ‘continual issues from the past,’ I was being barred from participating in future closed caucuses. There was no specification as to what these ‘continual issues’ were, and neither Rep Summerfield, nor any other caucus leaders, had the integrity to discuss this with me either in person, privately, or in caucus last week.

I’m assuming this is in regards to my role as Chairperson of the Committee on Campaigns and Elections and my continuing work to strengthen voting integrity in Wisconsin. It appears caucus leadership is simply too uncomfortable to address the current voting issues, including:

•         In the last few weeks, WEC has repeatedly denied open records requests required by statute and our own Legislative Council.

•         Citizen Harry Wait has shown that through the WisVote system, anyone can request and receive ballots with zero protections against fraud if they declare themselves indefinitely confined.

•         Milwaukee Clerk Kim Zapata requested and sent three military ballots to my home for active military members who not exist.

Removing me from caucus will not stop the ongoing voting issues that plague our state, but it does prove that many members of the caucus are willing to ignore their constituents to stay in good standing with caucus leadership and keep their committee chairmanships.

No matter the petty actions of the caucus leadership, I will continue to represent the 22nd Assembly District and address the issues my constituents have told me are important to them, including voting integrity, with the same determination I have in the past,” said Rep Brandtjen.

The letter from Representative Summerfield is attached.

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