Madison – State Representative Janel Brandtjen, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, responds to tweets made by WISN’s Jay Weber:

“Last week, the recently elected Assembly Republicans held their first caucus since the election  to elect our republican leadership team. I attended the election portion of the caucus, but due to family commitments, I left at 3pm, shortly after 3 hours of voting. The next day, I was surprised to learn, through Jay Weber’s tweet, that I was asked to leave due to my support of Robin Vos’ opponent in his race for re-election. Weber also stated that I had ‘investigated the 2020 election beyond what Speaker Vos and leaders thought was appropriate’.

I feel a need to clarify a few issues. First of all, I will support whoever I deem the best candidate for any race that may be on the ballot. If speaker Vos wanted my support, he should have earned it like any other candidate. Secondly, I’d like to hear his or anyone else’s explanation of what an appropriate level of an investigation is. I have investigated the 2020 election in accordance to Assembly Resolution 15, which was passed by the Assembly as a whole, which included Robin Vos and his ‘leadership’ team. In fact, the resolution passed without one republican dissenter.

The people of Wisconsin deserve open and transparent government and I will continue to serve with that as my pledge to all of Wisconsin, including the voters of the 22nd Assembly District.  I supported Robin Vos’ opponent because I don’t feel Robin Vos can unify this party. Last Thursday, Robin Vos had an opportunity to prove me wrong, but instead he proved me right,” said Representative Brandtjen.

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