Madison- State Representative Janel Brandtjen (R- Menomonee Falls) issued the following statement regarding the Assembly effort to allow Monday vote processing:

“After spending a full year not getting access to original ballots, ballot envelopes, tabulators, or tabulator modems from the very cities that AB 946 would affect, including Milwaukee and Green Bay, why would Republicans wish to pass this ill-advised amendment on SB 946?

The last minute amendment written in large part by Senator Bernier, grants early access to absentee ballots by entering ballots in the tabulators the Monday before elections. Counting the ballots should be driven by security not speed. Why would we want to give bad actors the chance to see ballots prior to Election Day?

Milwaukee and other central count locations have not given Republican poll workers equal access to wards or central count. The biggest challenge for transparency is who is in the counting room, not when the ballots are counted. In addition, these cities impose restrictive “vaccine mandates” and various other tricks to limit Republican participation. The public trust in our election process is already unacceptably low.  Again, why would we give bad actors an extra day to cheat?”

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