Madison – State Representative Janel Brandtjen, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, has renewed her request for vital information regarding the database for voter registration in Wisconsin. A memo provided by the non-partisan Legislative Council, clearly acknowledges the legislature’s role regarding oversight of Wisconsin’s agencies. The memo points out that:

“Both the U.S. Supreme Court and Wisconsin Supreme Court have recognized the inherent authority of the Legislature, including its committees, to oversee and investigate state agency activities in support of legislative functions.”

Representative Brandtjen states, “The Commission’s failure to provide information is the reason this investigation is still going on. We have narrowed the search on the election database and the Legislative Council memo should make it clear that we are expecting this taxpayer-funded data. I call on Speaker Vos and Majority Leader LeMahieu to provide some long overdue support. There is no question their silence has encouraged the Commission’s stonewalling”.

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