Madison – State Representative Janel Brandtjen (R- Menomonee Falls) has received credible information from a Wisconsin-based watchdog group indicating that tabulators in Wisconsin were not only connected to the internet, but the machines were connected to an unofficial IP address belonging to WiscNet. Brandtjen who chairs the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections issued the following statement:

“It is extremely alarming to learn that our election data can be transferred around the globe in such a cavalier manner. We learned the machines were connected to WiscNet on three elections dates (November 3, 2020, April 5, 2022, August 9, 2022), yet we are continually told by our election officials and by Speaker Vos, that the machines have no modems and the data is secure. This new evidence suggests otherwise with the data being extremely vulnerable. The questions raised by this exposure need to be addressed immediately.

1.      Who programmed the tabulators to connect to an unauthorized NGO? And for what


2.      Why didn’t the firewall detect the devices?

3.      Which public officials knew of the connection?

4.      What took place via the connection?

5.      How many other machines are connected to WiscNet or other NGO?

This is a stunning development and it will be receiving my full attention. An immediate post-election forensic examination of these voting machines by independent, cyber experts is also required because these systems have been completely compromised by being connected to an unofficial non-governmental IP address.”

There is no indication of an issue with the tabulators themselves; the issue is with the modems that were connected after the polls closed. The unofficial election results should not be sent by modem to the county clerks on election night. Meagan Wolfe admitted that the modems have not been certified. Those unofficial results can be sent via fax, email, text, called in, or even driven in. Official election results are never received by the county clerks until the next day after the election, so in no manner would this affect those.

Representative Brandtjen will be releasing further information as it becomes available.

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