MILWAUKEE – In response to the passage by Republicans of Assembly Bills 495, 498, 518, and 597 yesterday, all of which taken together would greatly expand the availability of concealed carry permits and allow concealed carry permit holders to bring guns onto school grounds, Rep. Jonathan Brostoff (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement:

“The gun bills passed by Assembly Republicans yesterday are an absolute travesty, and – if allowed to stand – would undoubtedly lead to more gun deaths in our schools. Are Republicans so beholden to the gun lobby that they’re willing to sacrifice our students? Is the GOP really willing to be the party of school shootings?”

The gun bills passed during session yesterday would all lead to more guns in our communities, and especially in our schools: AB 495 would allow individuals with concealed carry permits to bring concealed guns in their cars to school grounds; AB 498 would lower the concealed carry permit age requirement from 21 to 18, thereby allowing high school seniors to carry concealed handguns; AB 518 would create concealed carry reciprocity with other states, allowing permittees from states with extremely lax permit requirements to carry concealed handguns in Wisconsin; and AB 597 would allow concealed carry licensees to bring a concealed handgun into a place of worship attached to a school.

“To be very clear, Republicans signaled yesterday that they have absolutely no issues with the idea of a hot-headed high school senior bringing a handgun to school in their car. We know that teenagers’ brains have not fully developed, and that impulse control is still particularly underdeveloped at that age. It’s not difficult to imagine an upset student going and retrieving a gun from their car with the intent to use it against their peers. Or what about a disgruntled parent? Or teacher?

These bills are a clear example of the Republican willingness to throw red meat to a frenzied part of their base, with no thought to the possible consequences. We should be working to end gun violence in and around our school, not to promote it.

I am truly grateful to have Governor Evers in office to provide a last line of defense against these dangerous Republican policies, and I look forward to his veto of these terrible bills.”

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