[Madison, WI] – During Thursday’s Assembly Floor Session, State Representative Calvin Callahan (R-Tomahawk) voted in favor of several bills that were included as part of a package he helped to bring forward earlier this session known as the Wisconsin Sporting Freedom Package. The legislative package aims to preserve and enhance Wisconsin’s sporting heritage by cutting immense regulations within the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and focusing on the subjects of hunting, fishing, trapping, wild game, and the Second Amendment.

“I’ve been looking forward to voting on legislation from this package on the floor of the Assembly since the day we drafted the proposals,” stated Rep. Callahan. “These bills are important for all our state’s sportsmen and women, and I’m glad to have the opportunity today to support their sporting rights.”

The Sporting Freedom bill package expands opportunities for hunters and anglers, while cutting the red tape the DNR has put up over the years. It also recognizes the massive economic impact that sportsmen and women contribute to Wisconsin each year, and provides oversight over the state’s use of those funds.

“Today, we have taken steps to prioritize and preserve the important relationship between Wisconsin and its sportsmen and women,” continued Rep. Callahan. “I’m proud of today’s votes, and hope to see this strong relationship continue to flourish for years to come.”

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