[Madison, WI] – On Monday afternoon, State Representative Calvin Callahan (R-Tomahawk), along with Rep. Donna Rozar (R-Marshfield) and Sen. Julian Bradley (R-Franklin), introduced a new legislative proposal that helps to protect the unborn.

“As the representative for the 35th Assembly District, something I will never back down on is protecting human life, especially that of the unborn,” stated Rep. Callahan. “This legislation affirms that a human fetus with a heartbeat is in fact human life, and deserves all the rights to life granted to you and me.”

This new proposal requires a mother to be given a chance to listen to the child’s heartbeat before an abortion is induced. Most importantly, if a fetal heartbeat is detected, an abortion is not allowed to take place under this legislation, unless a medical emergency exists. Under this proposal, any practitioner who induces an abortion after detecting a fetal heartbeat is open to civil liability and medical board review.

“This legislation will save so many unborn lives,” continued Rep. Callahan. “As this proposal makes its way through the process, I’m proud to continue to stand for life alongside my legislative Republican colleagues.”

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