[Madison, WI] – Last night, Governor Evers delivered his State of the State Address before a joint session of the Wisconsin State Legislature. State Representative Calvin Callahan (R-Tomahawk) released the following statement in response:

“Governor Evers has consistently left the Legislature out of important conversations and decisions throughout his time in office. I believe the state of our state is still strong, but that is thanks to responsible, conservative budgeting and policymaking coming out of a Republican-led legislature.

“While the governor proposed a state budget that would have raised taxes by $1 billion, Republicans passed a budget that included the largest tax cut in state history – about $3.4 billion. Now, he’s even trying to take credit for that tax cut. In addition, thanks to our responsible budgeting and a massive flux of federal funds flowing into the state, we are in a great position financially heading into the next budget season. The governor, instead, wants to frivolously spend these surplus funds on an election year gimmick, buying your votes. When Governor Walker created a child tax credit during an election year, the Democrats called it ‘election year bribery.’

“As the legislative session comes to a close, one of the things my legislative Republican colleagues and I will continue to lead on is another thing in which the governor has failed the state: Wisconsin’s workforce crisis. There are over 130,000 jobs listed on JobCenterofWisconsin.com, along with 100,000 more individuals on BadgerCare than before the pandemic. Before the end of session, we will pass the Stronger Workforce Initiative, a bill package I helped bring forward, which will help to bring folks back into the workforce.”

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