Madison, Wis. – State Representative Calvin Callahan (R-Tomahawk) released the following statement after receiving the 2023-’24 State Assembly committee assignments from Republican leadership:

“I am thrilled to learn that I will be the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Consumer Protection this coming session,” stated Rep. Callahan. “I’m looking forward to leading my legislative colleagues on this important committee. I am confident that we will come up with solutions to issues involving Wisconsin consumers, as the committee has done in the past. The committee will continue to be a watchdog for Wisconsin consumers’ privacy and a supporter of fair and transparent business practices that promote a strong economy throughout the state.”

Additionally, Rep. Callahan will serve on the following committees during the 2023-’24 Legislative Session:

·         Assembly Committee on Insurance – Vice-Chair

·         Assembly Committee on Forestry, Parks & Outdoor Recreation – Vice-Chair

·         Assembly Committee on Corrections – Member

·         Assembly Committee on Labor & Integrated Employment – Member

·         Assembly Committee on Sporting Heritage – Member

·         Assembly Committee on State Affairs – Member

·         Assembly Committee on Ways & Means – Member

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