With recent escalations in violence being a focal point for Milwaukee news and media, I believe it is imperative to highlight the organizations and efforts within our community that work toward addressing and reducing violence.

This past week the Greater Milwaukee Foundation (GMF) announced an investment of $1 million toward immediate city violence prevention and healing efforts. This funding will go to a variety of community-based initiatives, organizations, mental health resources, and youth programs that look to work with residents and community members in their own neighborhoods. Much of this could not have been achieved if not for the instrumental role played by Milwaukee’s Office of Violence Prevention. Of the investment, $300,000 is being allocated to the Violence Prevention Fund, administered by the Foundation with funding advised by the director of the Office of Violence Prevention (OVP). This will support OVP’s intensive summer outreach strategy to employ violence suppression tactics by saturating target neighborhoods with resources and other pro-social activities.

While there is still much work to be done in addressing Milwaukee’s racial inequities and injustices, I am thankful for the crucial contributions and community-building work done and supported by organizations like the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and Office of Violence Prevention.

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