MADISON – This week the Wisconsin State Assembly met in regular session three times. Rep.  Conley (D-Janesville) released the following statement in response: 

Today is most likely our final floor session this year, and I am disappointed that Republican  leadership missed so many opportunities this week to pass legislation that actually benefits the  people of Wisconsin and betters the state. Instead of making investments to truly improve  

Wisconsin’s education system, Republicans proposed a bill expanding private school vouchers to  the tune of a $577 million property tax increase. Wisconsinites don’t want higher property taxes; they want quality public schools. 

“Instead of working to strengthen our democracy, Republicans focused on suppressing people’s  right to vote by passing several bills that create unnecessary hurdles and punitive consequences  when we could have passed proactive solutions to help voters. The Wisconsin Election  

Commission, which was created by Republicans, has proven time and time again that  

Wisconsin’s elections are free, fair, and accurate. 

“There was also a chance to honor Black Americans during Black History Month. It is truly  

disheartening that for the fifth year in a row the Legislative Black Caucus was not allowed by  Republicans to recognize and honor those whom they admire. Republican leadership has also  had months to bring my resolution honoring Native American Heritage Month to the floor, but  they have declined to do so.  

“Furthermore, today does not have to be the last day the Assembly meets in session. I’m ready to  continue working to better our state. Unfortunately, it appears that Representative Vos believes  we have done enough work for this year.” 

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