(MADISON) – Rep. Sue Conley (D-Janesville) released the following statement following
Governor Tony Evers’ State of the State address Tuesday evening:

“Governor Evers’ 2022 State of the State address highlighted the promises he’s kept to
Wisconsin, including finally fixing our roads, expanding broadband, and cutting taxes for the middle class.

After being neglected for nearly a decade, Governor Evers has improved over 1,770 miles of Wisconsin highways and 1,250 bridges. Even through the pandemic, the state was able to keep all 375 state transportation projects on track during the 2020 construction period.

Governor Evers also promised to expand broadband, and he’s done just that. His investments since 2019 are providing more than 300,000 homes and businesses across Wisconsin with high-quality, high-speed internet. More than $100 million was allocated through federal pandemic aid to expand access to reliable, affordable, high-speed internet across Wisconsin.

Governor Evers has been dedicated in supporting Wisconsin’s workforce through the COVID-19 pandemic. After many initially lost their jobs in 2020, he invested $20 million to help thousands gain new skills and training to find new jobs. We now have the lowest unemployment rate and the fewest number of people unemployed in state history. With so many people working and employers struggling to fill open jobs, he’s providing long-term solutions, such as investing almost $60 million into 12 regionally-based employment programs.

This tax season, 86 percent of Wisconsin taxpayers will see a 15 percent income tax cut through all of the tax cuts Governor Evers has signed into law. I have been pleased to see Governor Evers’ efforts to support middle-class families and small businesses. To top it off, Wisconsin ranks second in the nation for federal aid allocated to economic development, and first for aid allocated to businesses. We also rank second in the Midwest for getting our federal aid allocated and quickly put to use investing in the people of our state.

Governor Evers has successfully navigated Wisconsin’s workers and finances through a global pandemic, and I look forward to his continued leadership.”

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