Madison – This morning Governor Evers called for a Special Session to Protect Reproductive Rights and Healthcare Access. The Special Session is set for June 22nd to take up a bill that repeals the 1849 criminal ban on abortion. This ban is currently unenforceable due to Roe v. Wade. However, if this decision is overturned, the ban will become the law of the land. Representative Dave Considine (D-Baraboo) released the following on Governor Evers’ special session announcement:

“All Wisconsinites need and deserve access to reproductive healthcare. It is unacceptable that our state still has a law on the books that prohibits half of the population from making a healthcare decision that directly impacts their health and wellbeing. We must protect the right to choose so that we do not slide backwards. I am glad that Governor Evers has called a special session on this important issue.

“As a father of five, grandfather of thirteen, and a man of faith, I have great respect for human life. I also strongly believe that it is not my place to make healthcare decisions for others. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is between a pregnant person, their doctor, and their God. According to a 2021 Marquette University Law Poll, a majority of Wisconsinites agree that access to safe abortions should remain legal. We are elected to represent the people of Wisconsin and advocate for their wants and needs. I am proud to stand up for women’s reproductive health with Governor Evers.

“The Wisconsin Legislature must act now to ensure that access to comprehensive healthcare is protected.”

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