Madison – This week, Governor Evers directed $10 million to support veteran mental health services, employment, and housing. $4.5 million will go to veteran mental health initiatives, including emergency services, peer support, and community-based programming. Another $1.5 million is directed to the Veterans Outreach and Recovery Program (VORP), which is critical in providing support to Wisconsin veterans. Representative Dave Considine (D-Baraboo) released the following statement on this investment:

“I am encouraged to see this significant investment in Wisconsin veterans. They need and deserve aid in the critical areas in which Governor Evers invested. This session, I co-authored 2021 Assembly Bill 753 with fellow Democratic members of the Mental Health Committee, which would provide seven FTE positions to VORP. This additional staffing allows for increased service to veterans, as the program has been limited by the lack of staffing around the state. Unfortunately, Republicans on the committee never allowed this bill to receive a hearing or a vote. This proposal was also rejected by Republicans in the 2021-22 Biennial Budget. The $1.5 million fully funds the provisions in the bill on a one time basis.

“I am grateful that under Governor Evers’ leadership, the state can now make this investment in our veterans. VORP not only connects veterans to mental health services, but also to substance abuse treatment, financial assistance, housing and utilities aid, claims and benefits assistance, employment and education services, and more. By increasing funding to VORP and other veteran services, we are making a meaningful investment in veterans’ health, wellbeing, and livelihoods.”

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