Madison – Tonight, Governor Tony Evers delivered his 2022 State of the State Address. Governor Evers spoke about our state’s continued response to the pandemic, the historic state surplus, the historically low unemployment rate, and more. After the speech, Rep. Dave Considine (D-Baraboo) issued the following statement:

“Throughout his time in office, Governor Evers has worked tirelessly for the people of Wisconsin. I appreciate his leadership to bring our state’s unemployment rate to the lowest point it has ever been in the history of the state – 2.8 percent. In addition, our state enjoyed a historically large General Fund balance of $1.18 billion at the end of the 2020-21 Fiscal Year with a projected balance of $3.8 billion at the end of the 2021-22 biennium. Governor Evers has a plan to use these funds where they are needed most – for education, to meet raising costs, and to reduce barriers to work.

“I support Governor Evers’ special session calling for the Legislature to take up his surplus plan so that every Wisconsinite receives relief. Governor Evers knows that an investment in education is an investment in our future, so he has proposed using $750 million of the surplus funds to improve our schools all across the state.

“I am also encouraged to see Governor Evers’ continued investment in Wisconsin’s infrastructure such as broadband and roads. My constituents consistently write to me about the need to improve these areas in the state. Governor Evers has directed an additional $100 million for broadband expansion which is projected to improve internet for more than 110,000 Wisconsinites. Through past investments since 2019, Governor Evers has helped more than 300,000 households and businesses improve their internet connection. These investments are essential to improving our state and expanding opportunities for all Wisconsinites.

“I congratulate Governor Evers on his address and look forward to his continued leadership moving forward.”

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