Madison – Today, the Wisconsin Assembly passed a number of Republican bills along party lines, expanding who can have a concealed carry license and places where individuals can carry. Representative Dave Considine (D-Baraboo) released the following statement on the passage of these bills:

“As a parent, a grandparent, and a former teacher, I care greatly about the safety of our children. For this reason and others, I firmly believe that guns do not belong in schools, at school events, or on school grounds. Every time, I will vote against Assembly Bills (AB) like AB 495 which allows for the possession of concealed guns in a vehicle on school grounds, AB 498 which allows 18 year olds to conceal carry and AB 597 which allows for individuals with a concealed carry license to bring their firearms to a place of worship on private school grounds.

“I am a gun owner myself and enjoy hunting and target shooting on my farm. Like other gun owners, I want firearms to be used responsibly. It is essential that we acknowledge the impact gun violence has on our communities and act accordingly. A number of common-sense gun safety proposals have been introduced this session. I am a co-sponsor of Assembly Bill 637, which requires background checks for all gun purchases or transfers in the state. We must pass this legislation to ensure that guns are used appropriately.”

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