Madison, WI — Tonight, Governor Tony Evers gave his annual State of the State address in the Assembly Chambers. Representative Dallman has released the following statements in response:

“To begin, I would like to remind the citizens of our state that last spring, Governor Evers budget proposal would have raised taxes by nearly 1 billion dollars and your hard-earned tax dollars would have been spent on his pet projects and an abundance of new government programs. Luckily, the Republican-led legislature scrapped his proposal entirely, and developed another strong, conservative budget and created a tax cut that will continue to make Wisconsin an economic success.”

“Aside from the budget, the federal government, as irresponsible as it has been, rained hundreds of millions of dollars into our state that Governor Evers has had absolute discretion over. The governor has refused to work alongside the Legislature in order to fund the common goals of all citizens across the state, and has instead cast a cloud over where the money is going and how much of it he has spent or will spend. The Governor has done a spectacular job of failing to use these federal funds in a responsible and transparent manner and as we heard in his address tonight, he is willing to single-handedly fund hundreds of millions of dollars of new government programs without legislative approval.”

“Apart from his budgetary blunders, Governor Evers has remained absent in the legislative process. Truthfully, over the past year, Governor Evers has done nothing more than socially distance himself from the legislative process and, sadly, the citizens of this great state. Let me be clear, it is my hope that Governor Evers changes his tune for the remainder of his term, and works with the legislature as a partner, accepting our longstanding invite to the negotiating table.”

“In the legislature, we will continue to do as we’ve done for the last decade – conservative budgeting aimed at keeping more dollars in your pocket and building a rainy day fund to make sure Wisconsin is better situated for the weeks, years, and decades to come.”

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