Madison – “Because of today’s decision, more women and children in Wisconsin will LIVE. The US Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v Jackson, overturning Roe v Wade, finally corrected the 1972 error. There never was a constitutional right to an abortion, and the original decision came from a court contorting itself trying to create one. The decision on the legality of abortion will now return to the states as it should. I applaud this court for its courageous ruling.

“Wisconsin will now be restored to its established law, limiting abortion only to when the life of the mother is at risk. Given State Attorney General Josh Kaul has decided he will cherry pick which state laws he will and will not enforce, prosecution of this law will come into question. Nevertheless, the murder-on-demand will surely drop in Wisconsin from the average of 17 children aborted per day to single digits as organizations like Planned Parenthood cease their killing in the state.

“I never thought I would live to see this day. I have always stood for life at every age, stage, and ability. Sadly, Governor Tony Evers has vetoed several of my pro-life bills, even a bill to educate parents who receive a prenatal diagnosis for their child. Every human being is a unique miracle and should be celebrated rather than thrown away like garbage. Having suffered multiple miscarriages and infertility treatment, I know how many couples ache for the opportunity to raise the very children that others would discard. There is little reason for the prevalence of abortion in a civilized society in this era. Parenthood is a gift not all of us are not fortunate enough to experience.

 “That being said, I believe every abortion is a tragic act of desperation that deserves compassion towards the mother and child. We must support women when they find themselves with an unexpected pregnancy, helping them to choose LIFE for their child and privately supporting those who choose life! This is why I have also been an ardent supporter of adoption, authoring numerous bills in multiple legislative session. Alternatively we must encourage women to use widely available contraceptive options, if they seek to prevent pregnancy.”

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