Madison – “’Sad’ is the word I would use to describe the upheaval I am witnessing today in reaction to the nefarious leak of the Supreme Court decision draft regarding abortion. Motherhood is a gift not all of us are not fortunate enough to experience. I have never wavered in supporting life of every age, stage, and ability, authoring multiple bills in our Wisconsin State Legislature to end prenatal discrimination, to end funding of abortion clinics through Medicaid, and to provide resources to parents receiving a prenatal diagnosis. 

“I am heartened to see that the high court now sees the flaws in the Roe v Wade decision. It was never a sound decision in that there is no right to an abortion, implied or otherwise, in the US Constitution. 

“That being said, I believe every abortion is a tragic act of desperation that deserves compassion towards the mother and child. We must support women when they find themselves with an unexpected pregnancy, helping them to choose adoption for their child. At the same time, we must encourage individuals to use the widely available contraceptive options so that they do not find themselves in a position where they would seek an abortion in the first place. Both of these components of the issue must be addressed regardless of the Supreme Court decision.

“Finally, although I am happy with the direction the court is going, I find it incredibly disturbing that the sanctity of our Supreme Court was violated by this leak. I am glad to see that Justice Roberts has not wasted a moment in calling for an investigation of the leak. This has been a horrific violation of confidentiality and decorum that must not go without punishment. The very integrity of America’s system of governance would otherwise cease to exist as we know it.”

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