Oconomowoc –Representative Barbara Dittrich (R – Oconomowoc) issued the following statement after receiving the 2021 Common Sense Award:

“I am surprised and humbled to be given the 2021 Common Sense Award as a result of being Wisconsin’s first legislator to take the Education Freedom Pledge. I pledge to support policies that promote parental rights in education and educational freedom. This includes the right of parents to voice their opinions at school board meetings and to take their children’s taxpayer-funded education dollars to the education providers of their choosing – whether it be a public, private, charter, or home school.”

As a veteran supporter of School Choice, Representative Dittrich believes that tax dollars should fund students, not systems, and that parents know best when it comes to raising and teaching their children. Especially in an era where students have been locked out of in-person learning and racial disparities have exponentially grown, parents deserve to have the widest possible range of education options when it comes to deciding where to send their children.

“As much as any legislator, Barb Dittrich recognizes that educational opportunity should not be limited by a person’s zip code. All parents, all kids, from all walks of life should be able to make the educational choice that is best for them,” said Executive Director Joe Handrick.

“I’m honored to be Wisconsin’s first individual legislator to receive Common Sense Award and hope many others will join me in signing the education freedom pledge!” concluded Rep. Dittrich.

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