Today, Representative Barbara Dittrich (R – Oconomowoc) called attention to the continual lack of transparency and oversight that has been the standard operating procedure of the executive branch. As evidenced in the previous 18 months, the governor has failed the citizens of the State of Wisconsin through agency secretaries bungling the supervision of multiple departments, the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) and Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) specifically. Most recently, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) under Superintendent Jill Underly seems to continue the appalling trend, embodying Governor Tony Evers culture of total disregard for the citizens of Wisconsin. This trend seems to be endemic as evidenced by failures spanning multiple branches and agencies that are helmed by the governor and those who share his ideology.

“Through much hard work, my office has discovered that Jill Underly’s DPI has arbitrarily and secretly removed an alternate pathway to acquiring a teaching license in Wisconsin. This comes at a time where I have heard for my entire four-year tenure in the Legislature that our state has a shortage of teachers. This is coupled with the fact Underly is requesting billions in new funding with her latest budget proposal,” shared Rep. Dittrich.

In their latest dereliction of duty, DPI Superintendent Underly has removed a pathway for alternative licensure for teachers called “Licensed Based Equivalency,” that allows for professionals that may have expertise in a specific area or those who have already have equivalent teaching experience to apply for and receive a teaching license. Again, this occurs during a multi-year teaching shortage where additional funding is being demanded from taxpayers. DPI has claimed the licensure pathway removal was made due to changes in code due to a redundancy; however these claims appear to be completely unfounded.

“To few people’s surprise, it would appear that Jill Underly and Tony Evers have tried to secretly cater to the teachers union in this state while truly neglecting the great educational needs of our students,” said Rep. Dittrich.

The current executive branch fails to realize that that co-equal branches of government exist to provide checks and balances, ensuring citizens are served adequately, quickly, and competently. Wisconsinites deserve clarity and transparency when it comes to receiving licenses to ensure their livelihood. This latest reality is another example of the exact opposite of those expectations.

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