Madison –Representative Barbara Dittrich (R – Oconomowoc) issued the following statement regarding Governor Evers’ 2022 State of State Address:

 “The signature trait of the Evers administration, weakness, was on display for all to hear in the Tuesday, February 15th 2022 State of the State Address. Like the lazy student who takes full credit for the group project and blames others for shortcomings, the Governor’s speech was riddled with falsehoods, misstatements, and total skirting of at least one key issue.

“First, the Governor took full credit for the budget crafted by Republican Legislature, which offered taxpayers the single largest permanent tax cut in state history. Keep in mind, his past two biennial budget proposals planned to raise the taxes of Wisconsinites by over one billion dollars.

“Next, Tony Evers congratulated himself over business conditions, job creation, and low unemployment after he was the very one who shuttered and even dissolved businesses in addition to displacing workers during COVID-19 by shutting down our state. People returning to the jobs they previously held before the draconian lockdowns is not the same as creating jobs. If the Republican Legislature had not sued his administration, the state would still remain masked and closed with his illegal extension of emergency orders. 

“At the same time, he blamed still-hurting businesses for inflation in Wisconsin, proving that his skills as a science teacher didn’t transfer over to the subjects of math and economics.

“Additionally, he made a tone-deaf proclamation, touting the educational achievements of Wisconsin’s schools, despite the now-apparent manipulation of DPI data coming from the Department of Public Instruction. Ironically, State School Superintendent Jill Underly was conspicuously absent during the address last night.

“Finally, Governor Evers completely failed to address the out of control crime problem in Wisconsin, in hopes that you wouldn’t notice how badly things have deteriorated under his tenure as Governor.

“While all of this is disappointing, it is not surprising given the Governor’s long record of having troubles with the truth. It is my honor to stand for the good people of the 38th Assembly District, to assure that we can keep Wisconsin moving forward in spite of our weak, ineffective Governor.”

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