MADISON – During Thursday’s Assembly floor session, Representative James Edming (R-Glen Flora) backed the Stronger Workforce Package aimed at strengthening Wisconsin’s workforce.

“One of the top concerns I continue to hear from employers, both large and small, across the 87th Assembly District is that they do not have enough workers to meet their needs,” said Rep. Edming. “When businesses are forced to reduce their hours due to the lack of employees, it doesn’t just impact their bottom line; it also effects the folks who rely upon the business for goods or services.”

Several of the bills taken up by the Assembly reform our state’s public benefit programs to focus on getting people back into the workforce. Assembly Bill (AB) 883 transforms Wisconsin’s unemployment insurance system to refocus on getting the unemployed the support they need to rejoin the workforce.

“Shifting our unemployment insurance system towards helping people find their next career is an important step towards addressing the labor shortage in our state,” said Rep. Edming. “Industries all across our state are being impacted, it is critical that we look for ways to help connect the unemployed with suitable employers.”

AB 883 and the rest of the Stronger Workforce Package now advance to the State Senate for further consideration.

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