Madison, WI – Representative-Elect Nik Rettinger (R-Mukwonago) was appointed as Vice-Chairman of the Assembly Committee on Judiciary.

“I am very pleased with this appointment and look forward to working with Chairman Tusler as Vice-Chairman of the Assembly Committee on Judiciary,” Rettinger said. “I am proud of the support I have from law enforcement and this position will provide the opportunity to continue to partner with them on keeping the public safe. Law & order is one of the top priorities of the 83rd District and I will work as Vice-Chairman to ensure safe communities for my constituents to live and raise their families.”

In addition to serving on the Assembly Committee on Judiciary, Rettinger was also appointed to the following Committees:

·       Assembly Committee on Financial Institutions

·       Assembly Committee on Insurance

·       Assembly Committee on Consumer Protection

·       Assembly Committee on Workforce Development & Economic Opportunities.

“I will be sure to approach the bills that come before each of these committees with the same thoughtful yet critical approach that I have developed over the course of my years of experience shaping and advocating for conservative public policy,” Rettinger said.

The 83rd Assembly District covers Waukesha, Walworth and Racine Counties and includes the communities of Mukwonago, Eagle, East Troy, Troy Center, Vernon, Big Bend, Waterford, and western Muskego. 

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