MADISON – Following the conclusion of today’s Assembly floor session, Representative Jodi Emerson (D-Eau Claire) issued the following statement in response:

“Republicans have missed every opportunity this session to put forward legislation that would address the challenges Wisconsinites are facing. They instead have spent this session spreading a false narrative about the security of our elections, and they are using this narrative to justify their attempts to suppress voters and limit access to the ballot box. These new bills that the GOP has introduced are no different, they continue to prove that Republicans’ only priority is to consolidate their power through gerrymandering and suppressing votes.

Time is running out to act on proposals that would increase accessibility to our elections. Republicans have purposely ignored common-sense policy proposals and real solutions to increase the accessibility of our elections. In fact, 263 Assembly bills have been introduced by Democrats this session and only 7 have received a public hearing, 3 received an executive session, and one passed in at least one house. Republicans have refused time and time again to work with Democrats to address the challenges facing Wisconsinites. With session nearing a close, I encourage my Republican colleagues to utilize the coming floor periods to take up these common-sense policy solutions that they have overlooked throughout this session.”

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