Madison, WI – State Representative Rick Gundrum (R-Slinger) issued the following statement today after Assembly Bill 518, which relates to reciprocity for out-of-state licenses to carry a concealed weapon, was passed during yesterday’s floor session:

“I was proud to see Assembly Bill 518 pass by voice vote today on the Assembly Floor. Assembly Bill 518, which I authored with my friend and Senator, Duey Stroebel, removes the burdensome requirement for individuals who wish to obtain a concealed carry reciprocity permit in the State of Wisconsin. The way Wisconsin presently approaches concealed carry reciprocity is confusing and creates a regulatory patchwork of acceptable licenses. This affects both visitors and part-time residents of America’s Dairyland and requires them to traverse a confusing maze of red tape.

“It is important to note that our bill does not make any changes to statutory requirements for Wisconsin residents who wish to concealed carry in our state. Wisconsin has many individuals who are part-time residents, and there are even more individuals who choose to spend their hard earned money while on vacation here. Additionally, folks frequently travel across state lines for work. All of these individuals have a strong individual right, according to the Supreme Court of the United States decisions in Heller (2008) and McDonald (2010), to defend themselves, their family, and their property in emergency situations.”

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