Madison, WI – Representative Rick Gundrum (R-Slinger) voted for a package of bills yesterday that will  implement necessary reforms to the election process. The package included Senate Bill 939, which  Representative Gundrum authored. He released the following statement this morning on yesterday’s floor  session: 

“Restoring confidence and transparency in Wisconsin’s electoral process has been a top priority for the  State Legislature. If we do not do more to secure our elections, then Wisconsinites will continue to lose  faith in the election process. That’s why I am happy to vote for a comprehensive election package that  will create standardized procedures for elections. 

“Bills like Senate Bill 939 are designed to close loopholes and clear up confusion in the election process.  One key part of the legislation is that a voter must provide a photo ID for each absentee ballot  application. The legislation also eliminates ballot harvesting by providing a more secure process to  deliver absentee ballots. 

“We are working hard to restore trust in the election system. My constituents have continuously notified  me that they want our reforms implemented. I hope Governor Evers supports all of the legislation in the  election reform package.” 

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