MADISON, Wis – Assistant Minority Leader, Representative Kalan Haywood II (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement in response to the Special Session on Reproductive Rights:


“We had the opportunity to make a meaningful change to ensure that women’s reproductive healthcare rights are protected by the state of Wisconsin. Legislative Republicans have wasted and ignored that opportunity. For decades reproductive choice has been a right that has been protected by the U.S. Constitution and that right is now under threat according to the recently leaked SCOTUS draft opinion. Overturning Roe v. Wade directly endangers women and puts healthcare providers in difficult ethical positions. This hyper-partisan, activist court’s appeasement of their far-right supporters is not only dangerous to individuals but also to the future of our democracy.


“State GOP leaders who constantly espouse ‘individual freedom’ as one of their core tenets showed their hypocrisy by gaveling in and out of the special session in less than 1 minute. Wisconsinites deserve more than this reckless disregard for their medical freedom and should not have politicians interfering with personal decisions that should be left with individuals, their families and their doctors.


“Assembly Democrats are committed to doing what is right, and will continue to fight for the freedom of choice and access to necessary reproductive healthcare.”

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