On Tuesday, November 8th, Dane County Supervisor and Cottage Grove Village Trustee Melissa Ratcliff won the election for the 46th Assembly District. The District, now composed of Sun Prairie, Cottage Grove, and their surrounding areas, was represented by Rep. Gary Hebl for 18 years. Rep. Hebl released the following statement:

I would like to congratulate Representative-Elect Melissa Ratcliff on her victory last night. She is a relentless campaigner and I know she will be a tireless advocate for the people of the 46th Assembly District.

I have represented Sun Prairie, and Cottage Grove for almost twenty years. Sun Prairie has been my home my entire life. I care about the area deeply and it is important for me to ensure that we have a representative in Madison that will champion the values of our community. In her role as Dane County Supervisor and Cottage Grove Village Board Trustee, Melissa has been very active in communicating with her constituents as well as my legislative office, all in an effort to help those she represents. I know she will bring that work ethic to Madison.

I have had the pleasure of having Melissa Ratcliff as a constituent. I am happy that I will now have the privilege of having her as my State Representative. Congrats again to Rep.-Elect Ratcliff.

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