(MADISON) On Tuesday, February 15, Governor Tony Evers gave his fourth State of the State address before a joint session of the Assembly and the Senate. In it, he touted his numerous achievements over the years and the progress Wisconsin has made under his leadership. Rep. Gary Hebl (Sun Prairie) released the following statement in response to Gov. Evers’ address:

Wisconsin has made incredible strides over the last three years, in large part thanks to Governor Evers’ leadership. For eight years Republicans had control of the governor’s office and both chambers of the legislature, and yet they never managed to get the unemployment rate down to 2.8 percent as we have seen under the Evers administration.

While Republicans sat on their thumbs for eight months at the beginning of the pandemic and offered no relief to Wisconsinites, Governor Evers has never stopped looking out for our residents. Through the Evers Administration, Wisconsin has invested $1 billion dollars into supporting small businesses, farmers, and tourism & entertainment industries. The Republicans response? Introducing a constitutional amendment that would prevent the Governor from allocating federal funds, which would have ensured that getting federal aid out to Wisconsinites would have gotten bogged down and would have slowed our economic recovery.

Governor Evers has also directed more than $100 million to expand access to broadband internet in Wisconsin- including the largest single broadband investment in state history. The pandemic showed that we had massive flaws in our broadband distribution, and Governor Evers responded by working to get more Wisconsinites access to crucial internet services.

These are just a few of the many accomplishments we have seen from Governor Evers over the last three years. His time as governor has been marked by one goal: to improve the lives of the people he represents. While he has been met with obstruction by Legislative Republicans intent on preserving more power for themselves, he has continued his steadfast effort to help the people of Wisconsin- even those who may not have voted for him. His record speaks for itself, and I am incredibly thankful that we have had him as our governor these past few years.


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