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MIDDLETON – State Representative Dianne Hesselbein (D-Middleton) released the following statement today after submission of Mike Gableman’s “Second Interim Investigative Report.”  The so-called report on the 2020 election was presented to the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections during an informational hearing yesterday.

As a former member of the Assembly Committee on Organization, Rep. Hesselbein voted against the contract in May of 2021 authorizing Gableman to use over $600,000 of taxpayer money to go on a partisan witch hunt.

“This is why I originally voted against authorizing this sham of an investigation. It has been full of gaffes and blunders from the very beginning,” said Hesselbein. “From harassing our clerks and local elected officials to intentionally spreading misinformation, the lies being perpetuated by this bogus investigation are severely eroding voter confidence in our elections. This has to stop.”

“Most disturbing yesterday was Gableman’s assertion that the Legislature ‘ought to take a serious look at’ decertifying the 2020 election. Nonpartisan attorneys have repeatedly concluded that this is not legal. It appears that the Republican Party is beginning to tear itself apart as Speaker Vos’ chosen investigator argues for the very thing that Majority Leader Steineke said they would never do – decertify the election.

“Instead of chasing conspiracy theories perpetuated by Gableman, we need to be focused on governing. There are very real issues facing the people of Wisconsin and we can’t afford to let this disaster of an investigation continue. Assembly Democrats will continue to fight back against the incoherent lies put forward by Gableman and right-wing extremists.

“Wisconsin’s elections are secure, fair, and accurate. Wisconsin’s local clerks and election officials have had to overcome unprecedented challenges running multiple statewide elections during the COVID-19 pandemic. We should be honoring their work and finding ways to get them the resources and support they need to continue to hold free, fair, and safe elections.”

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