Madison, WI—Last night, Governor Evers delivered his State of the State address to the Wisconsin Legislature.

Rep. Horlacher (R-Mukwonago) issued the following statement in response:

“Rather than finding ways to push Wisconsin forward, the Governor continues to support policies that pull this state backwards. Wisconsin has plenty of workers, yet is still facing a labor shortage. Police officers are threatened by the communities they are trying to protect, yet the Governor wants to remain soft on crime. I am glad that the Republicans have introduced packages of bills that would support both the workforce and our law enforcement.

It is also not surprising that even though Governor Evers refuses to converse with the Legislature, he is more than happy to take credit for the tax cuts. I find this particularly interesting given the fact that his proposed budget increased taxes by $1 billion.

Hopefully the Governor will end the session on a good note by signing bills that put the people of Wisconsin first into law.”

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