MADISON, Wis. – 68th Assembly District Representative and 23rd District Senator-Elect Jesse James issued the following statement on Friday, December 16th:

“Yesterday our Senate leadership announced committee appointments for the coming session. I was proud to be appointed as Chair of the newly-created Committee on Mental Health, Substance Abuse Prevention, and Children & Families.

The Wisconsin State Senate has not previously had a committee dedicated to Mental Health. We all know how much mental health issues are affecting our communities, families, and youth right now. This is an important step in the right direction.

I am also grateful to be taking my passion for addressing substance abuse to the Senate. In the last year, I have spent time meeting with Wisconsin families affected by overdose deaths. Together, we have seen the great need for substance abuse prevention and education in our state. We are going to continue our work on this.

Finally, I am glad to include a priority of mine as a police officer and as a dad: protecting our kids and supporting our families. This is all about fighting for a better future for Wisconsin. I am looking forward to working hard for the 23rd Senate District and for our Wisconsin citizens.”

In addition to his chair appointment, Senator-elect James will serve on the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, the Senate Committee on Universities & Revenue, and will bring his law enforcement background and expertise to the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety.

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