Rep. Jesse James (R-Altoona) released the following statement on the retirement of Wisconsin State Senator Kathy Bernier:

“Today, my esteemed colleague, State Senator Kathy Bernier, announced that she will not be seeking re-election for the 23rd Senate District. Her perseverance and passion as a legislator will be missed, and I would like to commend Senator Bernier for her many years of service to her community.

Senator Bernier began her career in public service as the Chippewa County clerk in 1999, holding that position for twelve years. During her time as county clerk, Senator Bernier also served the Village of Lake Hallie as a trustee, in addition to other leadership roles.

Senator Bernier’s dedication to providing a voice to the people continued as she took up the role of representative for the 68th Assembly District, serving from 2010 until her election to the State Senate in 2018. Our community thanks her for the hours she spent ensuring that her constituents were heard and represented in the Legislature.

I want personally to thank SenatorBerniernot only for being a great predecessor to follow in representing the 68th Assembly District, but for offering me her wisdom and advice. It was an honor to serve with Senator Bernier and work together to see important legislation passed, such as the mental health bed expansion in the Chippewa Valley and the other three bills we saw signed into law thislast year. I wish Senator Bernier a happy retirement and blessings in her time with family and friends.”

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