Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Ron Kind voted for bipartisan legislation to authorize the President to enter into lend-lease agreements with Ukraine in order to provide military equipment to protect civilians.

“Today, Congress sent another bipartisan message that we back the people of Ukraine as they continue to face Putin’s ruthless and unjust attack,” said Rep. Ron Kind. “This legislation will streamline the President’s ability to get weapons and supplies to Ukraine, bolstering their ability to protect innocent civilians and defend.”

As part of his Arms Export Control Act authority, the President can currently lend and lease defense articles to U.S. partners and allies when it is in the United States’ national security interest. However, bureaucratic barriers and other limitations make these authorities impractical for the current crisis facing Ukraine.

This enhanced lend-lease authority would be specific to Ukraine to help remove obstacles to lending arms to Ukraine. It would not create a new program but would streamline the President’s current authority to lend the defense articles necessary to defend civilian populations in Ukraine. In addition, this legislation would:

  • Require the President or his designee to establish expedited delivery procedures for any military equipment loaned or leased to Ukraine to ensure timely delivery to Ukraine; and
  • Remain in effect upon enactment for two years, with the possibility of Congress extending the authority if needed.

Rep. Kind has voted for a number of actions to support Ukraine in recent weeks, including the approval of nearly $14 billion in military and humanitarian assistance and banning the import of Russian oil and energy products.

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