MADISON, WI – Representative Scott Krug (R – Rome) released the following statement regarding Assembly Bill 316 (AB 316) which was passed by the Wisconsin State Assembly today.

Assembly Bill 316 prohibits the use of vaccination passports and returns vaccination and testing choices to individuals to protect the freedom and medical privacy of our families, neighbors and communities. This legislation prohibits the state, local and any governmental entity from discriminating against anyone based on whether or not the person has received vaccination for the COVID-19 virus.

“Our government cannot discriminate against citizens when it comes to vaccination status and assistance. This bill prevents government overreach and does not infringe upon private business owners’ freedom to operate as they see best.” Said Representative Scott Krug.

AB 316 was passed by a voice vote in the Wisconsin State Assembly today and will be sent to the Wisconsin State Senate for passage.

“This bill preserves prevents medical discrimination and will help improve the lives of many Wisconsinites who can obtain the necessary information or assistance they request of their government. I am proud to author it and to see the amount of support from my colleagues from across the state.” Said Representative Krug.

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