ROME, Wis. – “It is an honor to be appointed to chair the committee on Campaigns and Elections. As we all have observed over the few cycles there is a great deal of work to get done to restore the full faith and confidence in our election process for all eligible voters in the State of Wisconsin.

States with much bigger populations are able to process and count ballots to deliver results to the public
prior to the middle of the night. Wisconsin must adapt and work to avoid perceptions of late night fraud. The recent revelations of military absentee ballot issues and campaign finance violations warrant a deeper dive as well. It is beyond time to quit pointing fingers and find solutions to the problems that exist.”

“Additionally, I am excited to have the opportunity to serve on several other committees that affect my
Assembly District on a daily basis. As a member of the Adams County Board of Supervisors with a booming tourism economy I look forward to serving on both the Local Government and Tourism committees. I appreciate the opportunity to continue serving on the Colleges and Universities Committee
as well to feed future generations into the area economy. Finally, using my expertise as a real estate agent I hope to help create more affordable housing options as a member of the Housing and Real Estate Committee.

Committee work is the backbone of great legislation. Through a comprehensive process of gathering information and input from my constituents, and putting that into action, we will continue to move forward in the 72nd Assembly District together. That process begins today.” – Representative Scott Krug

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