MADISON – Representative Tony Kurtz (R-Woneowc) voted to release opioid settlement funds after making some adjustments to the Department of Health Service’s submitted plan.

“I’m pleased to support the release of these important funds- we prioritized prevention and treatment while making sure we were helping our law enforcement and first responders who are seeing drastic increases in opioid overdoses. I’m hopeful these dollars will continue to make a difference in the fight against opioids,” said Rep. Kurtz.

Some of the adjustments include directing money to law enforcement and prioritizing funds for first responders who are on the front lines of combating the opioid epidemic in the state. $5 million dollars will go toward expanding the Narcan Direct program and starting a Fentanyl Testing Strips program.

The Joint Finance Committee also approved $10 million for capital projects to expand treatment facilities, $2 million for medication assisted treatments, and funding to support room and board costs for residential treatment.

Finally, the plan allocates $750,000 for community-based organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs and $250,000 for K-12 schools for opioid prevention programs.

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