Madison, Wisc. – Representative John Macco (R-Ledgeview) released the following statement regarding Governor Evers’ new $1.7 billion spending plan shortly after the state surplus projection was released.

“This is not the first time Governor Evers has used a temporary band aid to cover up Wisconsin’s need for tax reform. Last year, Governor Evers wanted a $1 billion tax increase for heating your home. Obviously with this latest surplus this would have taken more money out of the hands of hardworking Wisconsinites. Instead, the Republican budget delivered a $2 billion permanent tax reduction. Evers’ new proposal is no different.

Wisconsin needs bold tax reform to continue the ongoing economic progress that we have seen the past 10 years under Republican leadership. As Chairman of the Assembly Committee on Ways and Means I am committed to real, permanent, and fundamental tax reform for Wisconsin families.”

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