MADISON – Esports (i.e. video-game-based competitions) is a rapidly growing field that provides a competitive environment that can be more inclusive than traditional athletic events. Today, Representatives Tip McGuire and Kalan Haywood joined Senator Rob Cowles in introducing bipartisan legislation, LRB-0030/1, creating a grant program for Wisconsin schools to establish esports programs.

“I am proud to introduce bipartisan legislation today that will broaden access to esports in Wisconsin schools,” said Rep. Tip McGuire, “Esports allows students a chance to play and compete, while building useful life skills like strategic problem-solving and teamwork.”

This past year, Rep. McGuire hosted an Esports Informational Session in order to raise awareness among legislators and their staff about the benefits of esports. The panel featured Milwaukee Bucks President Peter Feigin, Lakeland University esports coach and former Green Bay Packers running back Ahman Green, as well as advocates from the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, MKEsports Alliance, UW-Madison, Racine Public Schools, and the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin.

“I was excited to host such a knowledgeable and talented group of people who did an excellent job highlighting the benefits esports can have for students,” said Rep. McGuire, “I am grateful for their work in helping inform legislators about this emerging industry and broaden support for access to esports in schools.”

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