MADISON – Today, Assembly Democrats including Rep. Tip McGuire, ranking Democrat on the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety, introduced the Safer Wisconsin legislative package developed by Attorney General Josh Kaul.

“Since the pandemic began, crime has risen across the country, and Wisconsin is no exception,” said Rep. McGuire, “I am proud to introduce legislation that would make Attorney General Josh Kaul’s Safer Wisconsin package a reality.”

The Safer Wisconsin legislative package is a comprehensive set of proposals to strengthen communities and reduce crime. The Safer Wisconsin plan would invest in a broad array of public safety programs that are underfunded so that law enforcement has the proper resources to:

  1. Strengthen community trust and prevent crime.
  2. Keep guns out of the hands of those who have proven to be dangerous.
  3. Address substance use disorder and mental health crises.
  4. Hold offenders accountable.

“Throughout this session, Legislative Republicans have introduced a slew of bills purporting to send money to public safety, but in reality, every one of them sought to ‘spend’ federal COVID dollars that have already been allocated,” continued Rep. McGuire, “Attorney General Josh Kaul’s plan has real money to address the real problems in our communities.”

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